Buddhist Way: Helping and working with girls since 1990

Meachee Pratin Kwan-on

President of Thai Nun Institute, Paktho Branch, Ratchaburi Province and
Founder of Dhammajarinee Witthaya Foundation

Introduction to Dhammajarinee Witthaya School

Dhammajarinee Witthaya Foundation realizes the importance of education.
Because the development of education is a long lasting development,
Dhammajarinee Witthaya School has been established. It is a private,
charitable boarding school for girls administered by Thai Buddhist nuns of the Thai Nun Institute, Paktho Branch, Ratchaburi province.  Maechee Pradin Kwan-on, President of the Thai Nun Institute is the licensee of the school, and Maechee Aunampai Passakchai is the school manager and director. The philosophy in this school education is based on Buddhist theory--education for living life in happiness. Our purpose is to focus on training and providing education to nuns and young women who lack the opportunity to study by:

  • commitment to satisfy the needs of the society and
  • development of the individual in all aspects to be good citizens
  • patriotism
  • faith in Buddhism
  • loyalty to the King
  • ethical morality
  • discipline and responsibility
  • perfect health
  • mental and emotional stability
  • efficiency in performance
  • sustainable living
  • volunteer spirit for benefits of the society

Meachee Aunampai passakchai


 The management of the school education intends to give knowledge through practice, and contribution for development. The school’s education and training is:

  • To provide education for perfection in life according to Buddhist principles.
  • To allow students to develop their physiologies, intellects, emotions and spirits.
  • To make students good citizens of the nation, with faith in Buddhism and loyalty to the king.
  • To give young women, who lack opportunity to study, equal education and development of their full potential.

Objectives of Establishing Dhamajarinee Witthaya School:

    • To aid young women who are orphaned, poor, or with family problems to have equal education
      and to develop their full potential.
    • To protect young women in at-risk social groups.
    • To culture ethical morality from childhood.
    • To provide young women who lack opportunity to study a warm, caring, safe and happy environment.





Taught students from kindergarten through Grade 12.


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